Can You Freeze Zucchini?

Wondering can you freeze zucchini? Here’s how to process frozen zucchini, including fresh zucchini (sliced, shredded, or grated), cooked zucchini, and even baked or fried zucchini in the freezer!

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Can You Freeze Zucchini Cooked or Fresh?

Learning how freeze zucchini is a great way to preserve fresh garden zucchini, zucchini from the store, or even cooked zucchini. Here’s how to freeze zucchini or summer squash…

How do I freeze zucchini?

Freezing your zucchini for later use is simple:

  1. Clean the squash by hand or with a soft produce brush.
  2. Remove the ends of the zucchini, but do not cut into the seeds.
  3. Slice it into 1/2-inch slices or cubes or you can even grate the zucchini.
  4. Blanch your squash for three minutes at full steam before transferring to an ice bath (a bowl filled with cold water and ice) for another three minutes.
  5. Transfer zucchini to a colander to drain the excess water.
  6. Spread zucchini out onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and flash freeze it for 10-15 minutes before transferring to freezer bags (or vacuum sealed bags).
  7. Label and date bags and return to the freezer.

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Do zucchinis freeze well?

Yes, fresh or cooked zucchini freezes well. However, the texture will change once zucchini has been frozen and then thawed. You can even freeze zucchini that has been battered and lightly fried to save for later!

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Can raw zucchini be frozen?

There is a lot of discussion about freezing raw zucchini versus freezing cooked or blanched zucchini. Zucchini can be frozen raw, but the texture may change once it’s been frozen and may no longer be a firm vegetable once thawed.

Can you freeze whole zucchini?

Frozen zucchini tends to get watery and even mushy when frozen. It is not recommended to freeze an entire whole zucchini. However, you can freeze fresh zucchini slices and even chopped or shredded zucchini.


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Is it better to cook the zucchini before freezing it?

Generally, cooking is not necessary, but blanching the zucchini before freezing is recommended. If you prefer cooked zucchini, steam or saute the zucchini for a few minutes before transferring into freezer safe containers and placing those into the freezer. The texture will change once defrosted.

How to Blanch Zucchini

  1. Steam blanch zucchini slices for two minutes at full steam.
  2. Carefully transfer the zucchini to an ice bath for another two minutes.
  3. Drain the excess water and spread zucchini slices onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  4. Placer entire sheet of zucchini in freezer for 10-15 minutest to flash freeze.
  5. Transfer zucchini t freezer bags, removing as much air from the bag as possible, label, and return to the freezer.

Can I freeze cooked zucchini?

Yes, you can freeze cooked zucchini but the texture will be different than when you cook and eat the zucchini fresh. However, frozen cooked zucchini is great in casseroles, soups, and other dishes!

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Do I have to peel zucchini before freezing it?

When freezing zucchini, you can either peel or not peel it before freezing. (It’s a personal preference.) When freezing zucchini, you don’t have to peel it first. Just cut the zucchini into quarter inch slices and blanch them before drying or freezing.

How should I clean the zucchini before freezing it?

You should wash your zucchini squash with cool water just before you freeze it. You can gently scrub the skin with a vegetable brush, but avoid using soap or detergents to clean it.

Can You Freeze Grated Zucchini?

Yes! Grated zucchini can be frozen in containers or freezer bags for up to three months or longer, especially if you vacuum seal zucchini. Grated zucchini is great for breads, soups and casseroles.

How long can I keep zucchini in the freezer?

Zucchini will remain safe for a long period when kept continuously frozen at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the quality, taste, and texture will decrease over time. It is recommend consuming your zucchini within 6-9 months of freezing it, but you may be able to use it longer than that if stored properly. For example, vacuumed sealed frozen zucchini will keep for a couple of years.

Can you freeze breaded or battered zucchini?

If you’re wondering can I freeze the breaded or battered zucchini, the answer is yes (with some preparation). To freeze battered squash or zucchini, slice and bread the pieces using you favorite zucchini breading. Then, lightly fry them until it’s slightly hard on the outside (but not dark fried!). Once cool, place in a single layer in freezer bags and freeze for up to a year or longer. When ready to use, continue frying the breaded zucchini.

How do I thaw the frozen zucchini?

You can thaw your frozen zucchini by leaving it in the refrigerator overnight or placing it under warm running water while still in the freezer bag. You can also cook it from its frozen state, but chances are that you will have to add some extra time for cooking.

If I thaw the zucchini, can I refreeze it?

No. Once the zucchini is thawed, you should either cook or use it right away. The texture of zucchini changes after freezing it. Once thawed, used immediately in recipes or soups and discard the unused.

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