How To Save Money On Groceries (Without Clipping Coupons!)

Learning how to save money on groceries is one of the biggest frugal tips to help your family and exactly what you need to develop budget meals and create frugal meals you can stretch over several days for even more savings!

How can I spend less money on groceries?

Saving money on groceries takes a little planning. To spend less money on groceries:

  • Create a meal plan for the week (or month).
  • Take into account special dietary needs.
  • Check your pantry so you don’t buy duplicates.
  • What’s in the refrigerator and freezer that you can use for your meals?
  • Check the sales ads BEFORE you go.
  • Download the store’s app and join their loyalty program for savings.
  • Make a list (and stick to it!).
  • Don’t be afraid to substitute generic brands.
  • Buy less meat, unless it’s on sale.
  • Shop seasonal items.
  • Avoid the high price aisles (snacks, candy, processed foods, etc.) that add nothing to your meals, but cost you more money.

Learning how to save money with groceries takes time, patience and planning! (So don’t give up!)

Let’s get into how to save money for groceries, without even using coupons!

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Tips For Saving Money On Groceries

Frugal Grocery Tips #1: Eat Before You Go

This may sound crazy, but one of the easiest ways that you can save money on groceries is to eat before you go!

(My mom always told me this and I thought she was crazy! Turns out? She was right! SHOCKING!)

If you go to the grocery store hungry, you’re going to spend more money because everything looks good.

(That’s why you sometimes run into the store to get one thing and you end up $150 dollars later!)

So, be sure you eat before you go, even if it’s just a light snack to fill you up!

Frugal Grocery Tips #2: Shop Your Pantry FIRST

You should always plan meals from what you have in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer FIRST, before you do anything else.

What can you make to go with that giganto box of macaroni noodles?

You have 2 pounds of ground beef. How can you stretch that into four meals (and what do you need to shop at the store to do that)?

Shopping your stocked pantry will help you save money (and keep you on track for cheap meals for the week or month).

Frugal Grocery Tips #3: Plan With The Store App

While meal planning, use the store app to see what’s on sale at the grocery store for the week. Then, do your meal planning around what you can buy for cheaper.

Frugal Grocery Tips #4: Give Up Convenience

Yes those precut vegetables and pre-packaged meals are super convenient, but they are also more costly. Pass up those “convenient time savers” when grocery shopping.

(I see you bagged salads!)

REMEMBER: You pay for convenience. Be willing to put in a little more time and effort to save the cash.

Frugal Grocery Tips #5: Stock Up On BOGO

Look for the BOGO (Buy One, Get One) or 10 for $10 sales to help you stock up your pantry and also stretch meals during the week.

TIP: Watch out for BOGO or 10 for 10 sales. Only stock up using those sales if you need/will use the groceries. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money and taking up room in your pantry with things you’ll have to throw out eventually!

Frugal Grocery Tips #6: Be Willing To Cook and Bake From Scratch

This is one of those frugal living tips that goes hand-and-hand with letting go of convenience.

In general, buying prepackaged and prepared items cost a lot more than cooking or baking from scratch. Learning how to cook from scratch can be a huge money saver.

Not only that, cooking and baking this way allows you to cook and bake in batches so you can freeze meals and baked goods for later use.

Frugal Grocery Tips #7: Bake Bread (Especially If You Need Special Bread)

Bread can get expensive, especially if you need a specialty bread (like gluten-free bread, which can run $6 and up for one small loaf!).

So, learn to bake your own bread.

And, you don’t have to start with the intimidating sourdough bread process (although it is fun!) Instead, you can start with a regular bread recipe. (You may be surprised that it’s easier than you think!)

You can also bake several loaves at a time and freeze them for future use!

Frugal Grocery Tips #8: Substitute Generic Brands

Don’t be tricked into thinking that on brand groceries are better than generic brands.

In many cases, you can substitute generic brands for name brands. Don’t be afraid to try them out for your grocery list and see what works for you!

You can cut your grocery bill significantly by using generic brands.

Frugal Grocery Tips #9: Plan Ahead For Special Dietary Needs

If you have special dietary needs in your family, it can increase your grocery bill.

List those specific groceries at the top of your grocery list so you don’t forget to factor those into your food budget.

Frugal Grocery Tips #10: Plan for Meatless Mondays (Or More!)

Meat is expensive! So, eating less meat in your family can also help you save money on groceries.

Plan at least one meatless meal a week (or more!).

But, meatless meals don’t have to be boring!

Think: veggie stuffed potatoes, pasta with vegetables, lentil tacos, quiche, rice bowls, and so much more!

Frugal Grocery Tips #11: Use Fillers to Stretch Meat

When you do use meat, use fillers to stetch your meats and get more bang for your buck

You can easily stretch a pound of ground beef (or turkey) into two meals by adding in extra fillers that probably won’t even be noticed in pastas, lasagna, chili, tacos and more.

TIP: Use finely chopped butternut squash or beans as fillers mixed in with cooked ground beef to add more “meat” texture to your recipe.

Frugal Grocery Tips #12: Buy In Bulk

If you find great sales (especially on meat), but in bulk and vacuum seal and freeze.

But, buying in bulk is not just for meat. If you find great deals on vegetables and fruits, buy in bulk and freeze them, too! They’re great for recipes, cooking, and baking.

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